When using thin walled material, you have limited options available for creating a threaded connection. When using a stad, blind rivet nut or weld nut, the strength of the material is affected and increases the chance of a weakened connection. Flowdrill is the solution for this common problem. Flowdrill creates a reliable connection in the parent material that is extremely suitable for tapping a wire.

Results when using Flowdrill

  • Process improvement
    34% time saving by automation

  • Set up time reduced
    50% reduction in manual set up time

  • Cost saving per hole
    85% reduction compared to 0.9c blind rivet nut

  • Reduced rework
    0% missed holes & 0% spinning

How Flowdrill can help your organisation?

Our Flowdrill team consists of a diverse range of product professionals who can advise you in the field of manual and automatic production environments. We can help you in the process of designing and producing the prototype. We are happy to arrange a meeting in which we can share our knowledge with you.

Not sure if Flowdrill can help your organisation?

Flowdrill is active in many different industries. Perhaps your industry is not mentioned on this page, but we can be of service you. Do you have a question or specific problem that you encounter? Then we are happy to help you. Feel free to contact us via our contact form.

We work for

  • Ford
  • Voestalpine
  • Gestamp
  • Dura
  • Martinrea

Request a demo at your company

When you request a demo, we will contact you in 3 workdays. Good to know: you don't need any new machines. It's compatible with existing machines at your company.

Request a demo at your company