Support on location.

Our company is glad to provide you help and guidance through consultation. Our technical staff offers support on location, where possible. This allows us to communicate personally, and it provides you with the confidence needed to work with Flowdrill on your own machinery.

For customers who want to test a new application, we offer free trial samples. We can create samples in-house, or provide you with the right tools at your location.

Design and development.

Some projects require customised Flowdrills to meet your specific needs. We will gladly review your application and required tolerances to design a special tool for you.

What to expect?
Based on your input, we assess if the Flowdrill request is realizable. When necessary, we will first produce a test drill. Testing the drill can be done on location, or in-house and needs to be validated by the customer. If the Flowdrill is approved, a final offer will be communicated.

CNC machines.

A CNC machine allows for a fully automated Flowdrill process. To support this, we provide CNC programmes, CNC tool holders and spray systems.

Our CNC programmes are simple to enter and allow for longer tool life time and faster cycle times. You can request our parameters at your Flowdrill office.