Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is increasingly confronted with challenges related to connectivity techniques, material choices and cycle times. An intensive process precedes this development. Flowdrill is also involved the automotive development process. The customized solutions are located in the chipless drilling techniques, welded connections and various screw thread solutions. Cost reductions by using thinner materials and shorter cycle times are the result.

Implementing Flowdrill

Flowdrill supplies OEMS and works accordingly the ISO-standards. The same holds for the suppliers of Flowdrill. The main area concerning the application is thin-walled tubes, profiles, various types of metal and aluminium profiles. Our production factory is located in Houten in The Netherlands. Our colleagues are happy to help you with the production of prototypes after which you can evaluate the products for their applicability. Ask your Flowdrill country manager for more information.


"Having conducted strength and pull out tests of this method I can honestly say it is the ultimate bushing method for thin wall tubing." 

Steven Scicluna, Transport Professional



Results in Automotive industry

  • Process improvement
    Fully automated production of parts

  • Elimination of stock
    10,000 fasteners replaced by 1 drill and tap

  • Cost saving per hole
    85% reduction compared to 0.9c blind rivet nut

  • Reduced rework
    0% missed holes & 0% spinning

We work for

  • Ford
  • Voestalpine
  • Gestamp
  • Dura
  • Martinrea

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