Weld nut Alternative

Flowdrill friction drills offer a reliable alternative to weld nuts also known as welded nuts by overcoming many of the challenges encountered by welding. A flowdrill connection can make a blind connection which is difficult to repeat with weld nuts. The Flowdrill connection is reliable as you do not have the heat transfer or welding spatter which can occur.

Flowdrill more cost-effective than weld nuts

The implementation of Flowdrill can be simple using existing machinery or automated as much as required with CNC or robotic machinery. The connection is formed using the parent material, locally heating it to 600C degrees, resulting in a stable, repeatable process. As the connection can be completed on a standard pillar drill, it allows you to use your welders or robots on more complicated tasks maximising your return on a project. In many, applications, weld nuts can be of concern, as they limit the design process, whereas Flowdrill can all for more compact designs or cleaner finishes.,

Many connections with one tool

Flowdrill can drill in most malleable materials with the same tool. In the right conditions with correct clamping and operating conditions, a Flowdrill can produce up to ten thousand holes. When using the standard tool and our flowtaps the advantages over welded nuts are many. Holes can be produced from M2 thru to 32mm and in material thicknesses from 1.0mm to 10mm steel. In some cases a Flowdrill hole can replace a weld nut by simply providing adequate material to use a self-tapping or thread forming screw to further reduce manufacturing costs. With Flowdrill two styles of hole finish are available. The standard which provides a small collar upstand replicating that of certain nutserts or the flat finish giving the user a flush finish on the workpiece similar to a weld nut.

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