Flowdrill is a solid tungsten carbide tool, capable of locally displacing material to form increased material thickness. This increased material thickness allows for a stronger fastening connection by tapping, brazing or welding. 

Flowdrill is available in many sizes, suitable to drill holes from 1mm to 40mm with material thicknesses from 0.5mm to 10.0mm. Flowdrill can be used in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and some types of brass.

Flowdrill advantages.

  • Increased material thickness
  • Suitable for high loaded threads
  • High process reliability
  • Fast production cycle time
  • Long tool lifetime
  • No waste, no single fasteners, recyclable

Typical uses.

  • Threaded connection
  • O-ring / sealing surface
  • Bearing sleeve / hinge
  • Brazing or welding joint

Flowdrill designs.


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The starter set is a Flowdrill tool case with all the necessary tools to start flowdrilling.

The tool case includes:

  • Tool holder with aluminium cooling ring for heat dispersion. We offer several types of tool holders, suitable for manual drilling and CNC machines.
  • A set of spanners. To secure the collet.
  • ER25 or ER32 collet. For safe and precise clamping of the Flowdrill.
  • Flowdrill lubricant (FDKS). To improve Flowdrill results and drill lifetime.
  • Flowtap oil (FTMZ). For more accurate threads and longer tap lifetime.
  • Short instruction. Flowdrill set-up instructions.

Additionally, you select the Flowdrill and Flowtap sizes you need to complete the starter set.

Required equipment.

The minimum required equipment for Flowdrill is a pillar drilling machine. It is important that the machine has sufficient power and rotational speed. In the catalogue, the required machine parameters are provided per drill size. Please note, a hand drill is not suitable for flowdrilling.



The Flowtap is a cold forming tap that creates formed threads by material displacement. It is recommended to use a Flowtap instead of a cutting tap, to prevent weakening of the threaded wall due to metal removal.

The Flowtap can be used for steel and stainless steel. For aluminium we have a special Alutap available.

Flowtap advantages.

  • Optimal thread strength through cold forming of the material
  • Small chance of pitch errors
  • Chipless
  • Long tool lifetime



Flowdrill accessories.

Tool holders & collets.

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Spray system.

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