Starterset MC2


Flowdrill tool case with all the necessary tools to start flowdrilling
The starterset tool case includes:

- Tool holder with aluminium cooling ring for heat dispersion.
We offer several types of tool holders, suitable for
manual drilling and CNC machines.

- A set of spanners.
To secure the collet.

- ER25 or ER32 collet.
For safe and precise clamping of the Flowdrill.

- Flowdrill lubricant (FDKS).
To improve Flowdrill results and drill lifetime.

- Flowtap oil (FTMZ).
For more accurate threads and longer tap lifetime.

- Short instruction.
Flowdrill set-up instructions.

Additionally, you select the Flowdrill and Flowtap sizes you need to complete the starter set.

Do you have specific questions? We are happy to assist you!

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Name Starterset